Open to ISC Member's children and Grandchildren

Thursday Evenings

June  8, 15, 22, 29

6  -  8 pm

Cost : $25 / student - adult must be present at each session

The SOS Program is designed for children ages 4 to 7 years old who are interested in learning the fundamentals of sailing including boat and water safety, parts of the boat, boat handling, and wind awareness.  This program will build confidence and sailing skills for children who have not yet reached the minimum age required for ISC Sailing Camp.  Participants will leave the program with the skills needed to excel as they graduate to camp at the appropriate age. 
The program will be conducted exclusively in ISC provided Prams.  The pram is designed to be both safe and durable, and the skills learned in a Pram are transferable to any other class of sailboat. As a one-person boat, Prams encourage self-reliance amongst sailors and provide a fun environment to learn and develop boating skills. Participants of this program will have a fun, safe, and instructive opportunity through which boating and life skills can be learned.
Parents/Guardian or a parent appointed Buddy are required to involve themselves in the program both on-land and on the water during each class.  Each child's buddy either sets sail with the child in the Opti or accompanies the child from a safety boat which will be kept near at all times.  
While the program will be led by an experienced instructor, even if a Buddy is appointed for on water activities, parents of all boating abilities are required to attend and will be expected to aid in their child's progression and to participate in the program by helping with launch and recovery of the Prams, rigging and ship shape (ensuring all items are properly cared for and stored at the end of each session).

Register in the ISC Office:
Space will be limited due to availability of equipment.  

Please contact Michelle Sarber at  We look forward to seeing you on the water soon. 


Class 1

  • Welcome and Introduction to the program
  • Water safety concepts
  • Equipment and grounds maintenance
  • Parts of the boat
  • Rigging and de-rigging the boat
  • Boat steering basics
  • Capsize avoidance and recovery
  • Application during which each child will be able to practice steering the boat and capsize recovery in a controlled fashion
  • Wind Awareness
  • Docking
  • Collision avoidance
  • Launching the boats

Class 2

  • Review of parts of the boat, rigging, and de-rigging the boat
  • Points of sail and sail trim
  • Being in irons (the NO GO Zone) and how to get out of irons
  • Safety position
  • Review of wind awareness
  • Introduction of Figure 8 course
  • Mark rounding
  • Application of Boat handling techniques (steering and controlling the sails) through Figure 8 course in harbor.

Class 3

  • Review of points of sail and sail trim
  • Focus on point of sail of reach
  • Tacking and gybing
  • Introduction of Loop course
  • Powering and de-powering the boat
  • Application on Geist through follow-the-leader exercise, safety position drill, and Loop course

Class 4

  • Focus on points of sail of close-hauled, reach, and run
  • Sailing upwind and downwind
  • Introduction of Square course
  • Application on Geist