Highlander Line Drawing

Looking for a competitive boat that is fast and fun to sail, yet is comfortable enough for day sailing with friends? Look no further than the Highlander, the largest fleet status boat at ISC. The Highlander is 20 feet in length with a roomy seven foot beam. Her sail area is a generous 225 square feet, with a 300 square foot spinnaker. Although she carries significant sail, the Highlander is a forgiving boat, making her an excellent choice for beginning racers or pleasant sailors. A crew of two to four generally pilot the Highlander during races, but she can easily carry 6 to 8 adults, a picnic basket, coolers and all the trappings for a fun on-the-water picnic.


An enthusiastic national organization supports the boat with numerous area regattas, a National Championship Regatta and an annual on-the-water training weekend. We hold two invitational regattas, one in May and the other in September. Both of these attract sailors from all over the Midwest. Both June and September are full of invitational regattas from nearby Highlander fleets.


ISC's Highlander fleet #7 is one of the oldest chartered Highlander fleets in the country. We have an excellent tradition of having fun on and off the water. Training sessions, practice racing, rigging parties, sunset sails and numerous socials during and after the sailing season are all a part of belonging to ISC's Highlander fleet

Highlander Sailing at ISC
Highlander Sailing at ISC


2009 Highlander Fleet Contact
Name Phone Email
Pete Ellefsen (317) 823-2542 peteellefsen@sbcglobal.net