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The Thistle was designed by Sandy Douglas in 1945 as a 17 foot, plumb bow, one design sailboat that could be raced by two or three, or day sailed comfortably by as many as six people. Thistles are very light because they are completely open, having no deck to add weight. This design allows it to carry more people comfortably while making it extremely fast. Its round bottom hull makes it very responsive & exciting to sail.

Whether your style is weeknight beer-can racing or competing on the world stage – the J/24 is the most popular racing keelboat around the world.  It all started in the summer of 1975. Rodney Johnstone designed and built a sailboat to accommodate his family and to be a competitive racer. The J/24 class was launched!  Forty years later, the J/24 has become a legend.


The Snipe is a classic 15.5 foot design with a large active international group of sailors.  The Snipe has been around the Indianapolis Sailing Club since inception and still is one of the top group of sailors at the club!  Many of the sailors in our group travel to regional races together.  These regattas are great ways to make new friends, sail in new lakes & have a great time!

The Lightning Fleet has been part of the sailing scene at ISC since the club was founded in 1955. This popular one-design sailboat was designed by Sparkman & Stephens in 1939 and there are now more than 15,200 Lightnings spread among fleets throughout the world. 2018 marks the 79th anniversary of the Lightning.


Come join us in one of the most versatile, user-friendly sailboats on Geist. The Y-Flyer's flat hull shape and hard chines provide a stable sailboat that is easy for people of all ages and sizes to sail. The Y-Flyer is extremely fast and responsive due to the planing nature of its hull. The boat is usually raced with two people, but may be sailed single-handed in the lighter air.

An Olympic class boat, the Laser is sailed and raced throughout the world. The International Laser Class Association maintains very strict one-design rules, which enable the older well-maintained boats to remain competitive with newer boats.  ISC has several Lasers that qualified members are free to use for fun and racing.


The success of the Melges 17 can be attributed to a truly dedicated following of speed entrepreneurs. An alternative, double-handed scow, the Melges 17 has a reputation for being fast and fun in light or heavy air.  Say yes to fast and, no to slow.

Interlake Fleet 28 is made up of a diverse group of people who love to sail a boat that is a great racing boat and a family day-sailor.  Although the Interlake was designed in the early 1930’s, she is still a beautiful, comfortable and competitive boat for today’s sailors.  She is easily handled by two people but appreciates a third for racing when the wind pipes up.


The Indianapolis Sailing Club also hosts a huge Keelboat Fleet.  The Keelboat Fleet is built from our many boats ranging  from 19' to 27' LOA.  Many participate in our Wednesday night sail.  During the season there are raft-ups, cook-outs and other cruising activities.

The Portsmouth Fleet contains all the boats that are not currently represented as a One Design Fleet at ISC.  The MC Scow is growing in popularity within the Portsmouth Fleet.  Members of the Portsmouth Fleet join in our Wednesday night sail and cruising activities.