The Education Team at ISC would like to teach you  HOW TO SAIL!

Do you want to  LEARN THE ROPES?

Do you want to  SKIPPER YOUR OWN BOAT?

Would you like  BUY A SAILBOAT?

The ISC Adult LEARN TO SAIL Training is for you!  Designed for adults with limited knowledge of sailing, this course combines classroom instruction and on-the-water training and exercises.  Every student will learn basic terminology and the fundamentals of how sailboats work.  Taught by well-qualified sailors, this class is designed to build skills and confidence in a safe environment on and off the water.  Students will learn to launch, rig and sail ISC training boats - with a coach first, and then on your own!

Meet new friends, make sailing connections, and learn valuable skills that will keep you sailing for years to come!

Dates / Times

June 19  Saturday Class - FULL

July 17  Saturday Class - FULL

Aug 3  5  10  12   Multi Evening Class - FULL

Sept 7  9  14  16  Multi Evening Class - FULL

Enrollment is limited    (ISC members have preference)

Enroll at


$75.00  -   ISC menbers  

$150.00  -  Non members

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