Topographic map of ISC racing area
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ISC races on Geist Reservoir on the northeast side of Indianapolis, IN. The reservoir sits on mainly flat farmland that has been heavily developed into lakeside housing. The northern and western shorelines are wooded and significant enough to influence wind direction while the southern and eastern shorelines are more open, far more gradual and less influential. The racing area includes all of the reservoir to the south of the Fall Creek Rd. causeway (refer to the race course maps below). The island in the middle of the racing area is surrounded by shallow water and can have substantial influence on the wind speed and direction in its proximity.

Online topographic maps of Geist Reservoir and the surrounding area are available at MapTech or TopoZone.

Reference maps with the numbered areas used for setting race courses at ISC may be downloaded in several versions:

To open the above reference maps you will need Adobe Reader.


There are also a couple of resources for water depth of Geist Reservoir from the US Geological Survey (USGS):

  • Cross-sectional water depth of Geist Reservoir. Cross-section #26 corresponds to a north-south line lying almost directly on the sailing club (see diagram of Geist transects)
  • Bathymetric Survey of Geist Reservoir. Unfortunately, this map is fairly small and only barely legible (to these eyes at least)