We are currently working on the duties schedule signup for 2017. Please check back to this page for updates. You will be signing up for duties through Signup Genius.

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Please be sure to notify both the racing chairman and safety chairman if you swap PRO or safety duties so they can maintain an up-to-date schedule.

PRO - Principle Race Officer is responsible for the management and conduct of each race.  A detailed explanation of the PRO's responsibilities is listed in the Welcome Aboard.  Experience is required.
ARO - Assistant Race Officer helps the PRO run the races.  Limited to no experience required.  There will be a PRO/ARO training class this spring.
Safety Boat - Safety boats two primary responsibilities are to protect the sailors on the water and to assist the PRO in setting, changing and taking down race course marks.  A detailed description of the safety boat duties is listed in the Welcome Aboard.  A safety boat is required to have TWO able body individuals at all times.  No exceptions.  Experience is recommended.  Training will be held twice a year.
Committee Boat Helper - The helpers record the finish of each boat as they cross the finish line and also the time (if required).  They also help the PRO/ARO run the races.  No experience required.

The Indianapolis Sailing Club is a volunteer organization that needs help from all of its members to be successful.  We ask that all members volunteer for at least two committee  (PRO, ARO, Helper) or safety boat spots.  Without full participation from our membership, we cannot run races.  Remember that all volunteers need to arrive at least 1 hour before the start of the race listed on the website.