Spring is here!  And the weather is way ahead of the calendar!  The last two weeks have been GREAT for sailing, better than most Aprils or even Mays.  Not only is the air temperature way above normal; but the water is warming up nicely (because I don’t think it ever really got that cold).  I’ve been out on the lake quite a bit already, as has Luke Mongin; and even Jon Hilden was out there last Sunday after the club brunch.

We have some news within the fleet and the club.  Sadly, the Highlander Fleet has voted to “de-activate” as a fleet from club activities and racing; but that means the members are shifted over to the Portsmouth Fleet to join the rest of us “odd-lot” boat owners.  So, the good news is that our fleet has grown by about a dozen, as we welcome our newest members.  Since the Highlanders were one of the one-design fleets launched by the Portsmouth Fleet (back in 1967), it’s kind of a homecoming.  I have updated the fleet roster with all the latest names.

Be sure to check out the 2012 Race Schedule, which shows lots of vacancies in the Safety Duty and Assistant Race Officer columns.  Please look for dates that you could help the club’s racing activities.  If everyone would take two Safety Duty slots and one ARO slot, we could fill up the schedule quickly.  If you can, please pick some dates and email Steve Davison at sdavison99@att.net to get your name on the list. 

Also, next Saturday (March 31st) is the club’s Spring Work Day to get the facilities back in ship-shape for the 2012 sailing season.  Please come to the club around 8:00 Saturday morning with rakes, gloves and any tools you can help out with.  You’ll be rewarded with a great chili lunch in the clubhouse for your labors.  If lots of folks turn out, it should go pretty quickly.

Let me know if you have any ideas for fleet activities, etc...  Hopefully, we can have some get-togethers on the point and organize some Portsmouth racing.  I have updated the Fleet’s webpage on the ISC website, adding the Portsmouth Yardstick (D-PN) numbers under the “Fleet Rules” tab for all the boats around the club, so you’ll know how they match up on the water, and can score the head-to-head racing.

Hope to see you at the club and on the water soon!

2011 End of Season Wrap-up

Well, we’ve reached the end of another sailing season at the Indianapolis Sailing Club.  I’d like to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped with the fall work day last Saturday.  I hope all of you were able to get out on the water lots this year, and enjoy the feel of the breeze on your back and the sun on your face. Fortunately, I managed to spend a fair amount of time out there, on weekends and evenings after work when the wind was up, some racing but mostly just for fun. Now that the club’s scheduled sailing activities are completed, the wind and water are still there; but I would strongly recommend a wetsuit if you head out onto the water these days.

We had a few new additions to the Portsmouth Fleet this year: Luke Mongin with a Capri 16.5, Matt Seyfried with a Hobie 14, Leslie Sutton with a Hobie 16 and Jon & Lori Hilden with a Hobie 16.  Welcome to all of you!  Unfortunately, we’re losing Erik Haberkern and his Windrider Rave, as his job is moving him to Chicago.  I’m sorry I never got to see that blue trimaran screaming across the lake up on its foils.  Farewell and good luck Erik!

As you may have heard, I have been selected to serve next year as the ISC Club Secretary; which means the following year, I will move up to Vice-Commodore; and in 2014, I will become ISC’s 60th Commodore. I hope I can do it as well as my predecessors.  Surprisingly, it seems that the Portsmouth Fleet has become the path to the office of Commodore. Brian Reeves, last year’s Commodore was the Portsmouth Fleet Captain for several years; Bob Solomon, our current Commodore, has long been an Associate member of the Portsmouth Fleet; and Paul Kirkpatrick, our current Club Secretary and 2013 Commodore, served as our Fleet Captain last year while getting the Melges 17 Fleet organized enough to stand on its own.

Finally, I’d like to encourage all of you to attend ISC’s Annual Christmas Dinner/Dance on Saturday, December 3rd at the Columbia Club.  You should have received an invitation in the mail recently.  It is always a wonderful evening of fine food and excellent music in elegant surroundings.  It’s amazing to see folks in their fancy attire, when you’re only used to seeing them in their soggy sailing duds.  You’ll all have to make up for my absence, as Mary and I are planning to be in Key Largo, Florida, where I’ll be sailing in the IWCA Hobie Wave Nationals that weekend.

Be sure to come to the monthly brunches at the club this winter to help you stay warm, and think SPRING!

Bill Mullineaux