Commodore's Comments

Greetings from your Commodore. Even though we have reached the end of another racing season, does not mean the ISC club activities have ended.  As I write these comments, I look forward to a busy day at ISC.  This morning Kevin Black, Racing Chairman, will be hosting our annual racing meeting to recap the season, talk about changes to the sailing instructions and other potential changes to next year’s schedule.  This evening, our Snipe Fleet will be hosting our first annual Year End Awards Banquet and Euchre Tournament.  Next month is the ISC Christmas Dinner Dance at the Columbia Club.  I look forward to seeing you downtown, with all the lights, for this event Saturday, December 10th.  Next year, 2017, we will start it off with a bunch in January and March and the Commodore’s Dinner Dance in February.  Then in April the racing starts again!

In addition to attending the social events at ISC, I plan to do some more sailing before the ice begins to form.  I plan to sail each weekend, weather and time permitting, along with Thanksgiving weekend.  I know Bill Mullineaux will join me.  Will you?

The Long John Regatta this year was awesome.  The wind was great both days. (Watch a Thistle ride-along with with Brian McDonald and Andrew Lenzo; and, a J/24 ride-along with Jim and Jeff Jordan and Matt Rush.) The Race Committee did an excellent job with the race courses: Thanks, Kevin and Wanda Black and crew!  These were some of the best courses we have had in years.  Thanks to the M-17 fleet for hosting a BBQ dinner.  After dinner some of us were brave enough to walk the Haunted Trail, spooked by our junior sailors (and lead by Sarah Kempfer).

Two weeks later, the first weekend in November, was our annual Fall Work Party.  As always, even though this work, we always have fun doing it together.  A Big Thanks to all who showed up to work.  Thanks to Thane Morgan for leading a group to remove the old docks from the cove.  This was a major task to clean-up this mess in front of our club.  Thanks to Tony Elliott for cleaning up Pram Point and other portions of the grounds.  Thanks to Paul Dovey for leading the club house clean-up crew.  Thanks to the J/24 fleet for preparing our Chili lunch.

As always, I look forward to seeing you at your Indianapolis Sailing Club.

Don Wilson

Photo credits: Supermoon and work party (dock), Bill Kennedy; night sail start, Marna Shopoff; work party (hoist), Don Wilson.


Kids Club (December 11)

Ho Ho Ho, don't forget Santa visits ISC December 11.  Look for more details to come.


ISC Long John Regatta Results

Boat # Skipper Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Totals
3879 Brian McDonald 1 2 1 1 1 6
3967 Hunter Dyar 2 1 2 2 2 9
3378 Eric Guion 5 3 5 3 3 19
1434 Dave Atkinson 3 4 3 5 6 21
2928 Bill Crawford 6 5 4 4 4 23
2659 Harry Atkinson 4 6 6 6 6 28
MC Scow              
2001 Andy McDonald 1 1 1 1 1 5
1934 Don Wilson 3 3 2 2 2 12
2519 Dale Katzfey 2 2 3 4 3 14
2585 Thane Morgan 5 5 5 3 4 22
1540 Jay Bundy 4 4 4 5 5 22
195 Bryan Sarber 1 1 1 1   4
137 Chris Katzfey 2 2 2 3   9
186 John Schumacher 3 3 3 2   11
14359 Mike Franceschini 2 2 1 1 1 7
14020 Frank Wilder 1 3 2 2 3 11
13721 Pete McGinity 3 1 3 3 2 12
1360 Thane Morgan 1 1 1     3
1313 Hans Haupt 2 2 3     7
1270 Joe Novak 3 3 2     8
28657 Jess Lawhead 1 1 4 2   8
26291 Ray Remmert 2 2 2 3   9
26463 Brian Rosensteel 4 4 1 1   10
29552 David Lies 4 4 4 4   16
3525 John O'Brien 1 1 1 1   4
888 Greg VanDuesen 2 3 2 2   9
440 Jim Jordan 3 2 3 4   12
1335 Gable Varga 4 4 4 4   16
M-20 Chris Palabrica 1 1 1 1   4
H-27 Cam Borkowski 4 3 2 2   11
556 Steve Roeschlein 2 2 4 4   12
5561 Ken Matthews 3 4 4 4   15
Old Oaken Rudder Regatta          
  Purdue 1         1
  Indiana 2         2

Photo credit: Long John Regatta winners, Don Wilson.

Thistle Fleet Finishes Strong

The Thistle fleet finished the 2016 racing season in strong fashion.  The Long John Regatta witnessed six boats on the line and some close mark roundings and finishes. Representing the younger generation, Brian McDonald drove his dad’s boat to victory with his high school sailing friend Andrew Lenzo as crew.  (If you want to see how the top Thistle crew finished with four first place finishes, check out the ride along video.)  Fleet captain Hunter Dyar, with experienced crew John Weymouth finished second, but not by much. Harry Atkinson, David Atkinson, Bill Crawford and Eric Guion joined in the fun, with all boats having some very close racing.  Thanks to Kevin and Wanda Black and their entire race committee for some of the best racing in recent memory.


Not ready to put the boats away after such a tremendous Long John regatta, five Thistles showed up the following Sunday, hoping for one last chance to race. (Watch a Thistle ride-along from the second race with Bill and Sara Crawford.)

Contrary to this season’s normal weather, it was a perfect day to sail, with unseasonably warm with a steady breeze and almost no power boats!  As no other fleets came out, the Thistles had Geist to themselves.   PRO Mike Stewart, assisted by his race committee of Jim McDonald, Lori Crawford and Deborah Brown, set a perfect line and nice windward leeward course.  Tom Worthington volunteered to man one safety boat and help Mike run the races.  Paul Dovey with John Spencer as crew dominated the three races, with Hunter Dyar, Andy McDonald, Bill Crawford and Eric Guion trying to catch them.  It was a fantastic afternoon of sailing, ending 2016 on a high note and giving us motivation for our next race: our 8-Ball Regatta in April.


Note: As shown in the above picture (thank you, Lori Crawford!)  Andy #3879 sailed one race singlehanded.  Maybe he was thinking he was on his MC!  Speaking on behalf of those of us who had crew on their boats, it was humbling and somewhat embarrassing to lose to Andy in this race, especially watching him fly his spinnaker – alone!

2016 Summary: There were 13 skippers competing in 10 boats who raced this year, with a total of 43 races held.  When all was calculated, the 2016 Thistle Fleet champion is Hunter Dyar! Congratulations Hunter! Well deserved!


See you on the water in 2017!
Eric Guion

Photo credits: Lori and Bill Crawford.

North U Rules and Tactics Seminar (January 28, 2017)
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ISC Lost and Found

Earlier in the year, we moved the ISC Lost and Found to the Clubhouse Breezeway. If you have lost or misplaced an item or two, please check the lower shelf of the stainless steel tables in the center of the Clubhouse Breezeway for a large plastic bin marked "Lost and Found".  Also, from time to time, items are left in the Clubhouse locker rooms: be sure to check there as well.

Valuable (read higher $) items are locked up in a secure place: if you are seeking such an item, please contact myself or Office Manager Michelle Sarber, and we might be able to provide a positive solution. Pictured here are 3 higher dollar items that we currently have  in our secure location: 1) Gill spray top medium (appeared in May)., 2) Columbia waist length medium weight parka, small (appeared early June), 3) Guess light weight, lined shell, small, with Timber Ridge lift ticket attached (appeared during summer).
Paul Dovey, ISC Property Manager


Unidentified Kayak

Kayak Owners -

There is a Kayak made by Potomac that is on the sailboard rack in spot 810 B, that is unidentified.  Will the owner of that kayak please notify me.  The Kayak will be removed from the rack in 30 days if we can not identify it's owner. 

Thank you,
Joe Quigley


Photo credit: Bill Kennedy.