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A Senior Associate membership is just $300 per year and can be made in four low payments over the year at only $75 plus an initiation fee (see details below).  This package is good for the entire family and includes more than just sailing:

  • Stunning grounds surrounded by water
  • Parties with premium live entertainment
  • Children’s Playground
  • Fire pits with unlimited supply of wood to make fires year round
  • Grills to cook on
  • Beach
  • Locker-room Facilities
  • Internet access throughout property and in the clubhouse
  • Rent club house at astonishing low rates for private parties
  • High definition projection entertainment center
  • Huge open deck overlooking with spectacular view of two waterfronts

Sailing opportunities are endless!

  • Free use of club owned sailboats
  • Junior and Adult Training Sailing Classes
  • Crew for skippers that race sailboats every Sunday and Wednesday evening
  • Learn how to race sailboats
  • Help out on the committee boat during races
  • Sailboat docks start at less than $200 per year + annual dues which includes storage in the winter
  • Keep a boat on a trailer for much less money with overhead cranes for quick launch


2015 ISC Dues
Class of Membership Initiation Fee* Annual Dues**
SR — Senior Boat Owner (age 29 and older) $1020 (spread over 3 years) $832
SACO — Senior Co-Owner (age 29 and older) $1020 (spread over 3 years) $624
SA — Senior Associate (age 29 and older)*** $672    (spread over 3 years) $300
SH — Single-Handed $1020  (spread over 3 years) $420
JR — Junior Boat Owner (age 14 to 28) $498    (spread over 3 years) $392
JACO — Junior Co-Owner (age 14 to 28) $498    (spread over 3 years) $256
JA — Junior Associate (age 14 to 28)*** $330    (spread over 3 years) $140
JA/JRFS — Junior Full-Time Student (age 14 to 25)**** 50% of Junior 50% of Junior
* the initiation fee may be paid quarterly over three years (12 payments); the first year starts with date of acceptance
** dues may be paid quarterly with a minimal service charge
*** associate members may sail their own ice boat and/or sailboard at ISC
**** junior full-time student members must be in middle or high school or show proof of enrollment in a college or university

 Note:  An initiation fee can be paid quarterly over three years.  So a Senior Associate initiation fee, for example, can be paid in twelve $56 payments over three years.