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Indianapolis Sailing Club Video

A Senior Associate membership is just $324 per year and can be made in four low payments over the year plus an initiation fee (see details below).  This package is good for the entire family and includes more than just sailing:

  • Stunning grounds surrounded by water
  • Parties with premium live entertainment
  • Children’s Playground
  • Fire pits with unlimited supply of wood to make fires year round
  • Grills to cook on
  • Beach
  • Locker-room Facilities
  • Internet access throughout property and in the clubhouse
  • Rent club house at astonishing low rates for private parties
  • High definition projection entertainment center
  • Huge open deck overlooking with spectacular view of two waterfronts

Sailing opportunities are endless!

  • Free use of two club owned Sunfish Sailboats
  • Junior and Adult Training Sailing Classes
  • Crew for skippers that race sailboats every Sunday and Wednesday evening
  • Learn how to race sailboats
  • Help out on the committee boat during races
  • Sailboat docks start at around $200 per year + annual dues which includes storage in the winter
  • Keep a boat on a trailer for much less money with overhead cranes for quick launch


2018 ISC Dues
Class of Membership Initiation Fee* Annual Dues**
SR — Senior Boat Owner (age 29 and older) $1020 (spread over 3 years) $864
SACO — Senior Co-Owner (age 29 and older) $1020 (spread over 3 years) $648
SA — Senior Associate (age 29 and older)*** $672    (spread over 3 years) $324
SH — Single-Handed $1020  (spread over 3 years) $444
JR — Junior Boat Owner (age 14 to 28) $498    (spread over 3 years) $408
JACO — Junior Co-Owner (age 14 to 28) $498    (spread over 3 years) $276
JA — Junior Associate (age 14 to 28)*** $330    (spread over 3 years) $156
JA/JRFS — Junior Full-Time Student (age 14 to 25)**** 50% of Junior 50% of Junior
* the initiation fee may be paid quarterly over three years (12 payments); the first year starts with date of acceptance
** dues may be paid quarterly with a minimal service charge
*** associate members may sail their own ice boat and/or sailboard at ISC
**** junior full-time student members must be in middle or high school or show proof of enrollment in a college or university

 Note:  An initiation fee can be paid quarterly over three years.  So a Senior Associate initiation fee, for example, can be paid in twelve $56 payments over three years.