The Lightning Fleet has been part of the sailing scene at ISC since the club was founded in 1955. This popular one-design sailboat was designed by Sparkman & Stephens in 1939 and there are now more than 15,200 Lightnings spread among fleets throughout the world. 2005 marks the 67th anniversary of the Lightning.

The boat is popular among young and old, racers and day-sailors alike. With her hard, squared chines, the Lightning is stable in heavy weather and is able to carry a large spinnaker. An ample cockpit and broad foredeck makes the Lightning an inviting prospect for family outings and leisurely evening cruises. Her responsiveness and positive stability provide an exciting racing experience for the skipper and, typically, one or two crew. Each year, at the beginning of May, the fleet hosts the Indiana Open Regatta for Lightnings (see the Racing Calendar for exact date).

A strong International Lightning Class Association and the continued development of the original design have helped the class grow. Proposed changes are carefully scrutinized in an effort to keep all boats in the Class competitive with each other. This careful control has allowed innovation while rarely outdating older boats.
The sailors of Fleet #270 are a diverse group of people in both age and interest. However, all share the same passion for wind and water and for the feeling of a Lightning's power with a full spinnaker planing down the lake before a surging 20 knot breeze. Ashore, they are equally enthusiastic about sharing their tales of mayhem and travail during picnics held on the clubhouse deck.

Lightning Line Drawing Lightning Sailing at ISC
2017 Lightning Fleet Contact
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Mike Franceschini 317-894-1184