Commodore's Comments

Welcome to the 2017 Indianapolis Sailing Club.  As the incoming Commodore, I look forward to a great sailing season. 

I would like to first thank Past Commodore Don Wilson for his hard work last year.  Outside of the major projects completed this year (new gravel for the entire parking lot, re-paving the entrance and clubhouse improvements), Don worked tirelessly behind the scenes to improve the daily working of the club.  Thanks Don!!!

There are plenty of winter activities this year.  Seven training events will take place at the ISC clubhouse covering topics such as boat maintenance, basic racing/tactics and how to crew.  Thanks to Marcus Rogers for putting these events together.  We will also be having round table discussions with various ISC committees.  These meetings are a perfect opportunity learn about the different ISC committees and how to volunteer around the club.  Check out the ISC website for these dates and additional information.

Speaking of volunteering, the Indianapolis Sailing Club is a volunteer club, and we are always in need of help.  As a member of ISC, we ask everyone to do their part to make the club a better place to visit whether it is to race, cruise or just hang out.  If you don’t know how or where to get involved, contact your fleet captain, committee chair or the Commodore (

I am excited to serve as your Commodore for the 2017 season and hope it is a great year of sailing.
Chris Katzfey
Home Phone – 317-585-0337


Volunteers Needed for the Annual Boat, Sport, and Travel Show (February 17 -26) 

ISC Publicity Committee needs your help manning our booth at the 63rd Annual Boat, Sport, and Travel Show to be held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds beginning on Friday, February 17th through Sunday, February 26th.

We need volunteers to enthusiastically promote  the sailing club.  We will have a sailboat and a video monitor in a 10 x 20 booth in the Champion Pavilion.

If you can help, please contact Barney Levengood (

Each member is being requested to commit to a four-hour block (if at all possible).  Please see the attached schedule.  Return by e-mail your willingness to volunteer indicating which time block works best for you.  Barney will piece together a schedule and provide further information on where to report, how to enter, parking, etc.

Thanks for all your help and we look forward to a successful show while we attempt to increase membership in our sailing club.
2017 ISC Boat, Sport, and Travel Show Schedule
Friday, Feb. 17   Saturday, Feb. 18
1-5 pm   10-2 pm
5-9 pm   2-6 pm
    6-9 pm
Sunday Feb. 19   Monday Feb. 20
10-2 pm   12-4 pm
2-5 pm   4-8 pm
Tuesday Feb. 21   Wednesday Feb. 22
12-4 pm   12-4 pm
4-8 pm   4-8 pm
Thursday Feb. 23   Friday Feb. 24
12-4 pm   12-4 pm
4-8 pm   4-9 pm
Saturday Feb. 25   Sunday Feb. 26
10-2 pm   10-2 pm
2-6 pm   2-5 pm
6-9 pm    


One-day Club Race Officer Seminar (March 11)

Eagle Creek Sailing Club (ECSC) and the Indianapolis Sailing Club (ISC) have teamed up to host a one-day Club Race Officer seminar in Indianapolis at the ISC clubhouse on Saturday, March 11, 2017.  This is a great and inexpensive way for you or your club members to learn the current best practices for conducting races from a US Sailing Certified Race Officer.

The course will cover all aspects of running a race from NORs and SIs to course setup, starting, finishing and scoring. We have plenty of space and I hope you can send at least one person.  Course materials will be provided by US Sailing as part of your registration fees ($45).

To register, simply go to the US Sailing Web site at the following URL:, scroll down to the ECSC seminar on 3/11/17 and register.

Geoff Endris
Race Director, ECSC
US Sailing Regional Race Officer


ISC March Brunch (March 12)

ISC 2017 March Brunch Hosted by Thistle Fleet #69
Beverages & Snacks: 11:30AM, Meal: 12:30PM


March Brunch Menu

Assorted muffins and Danish
Homemade Granola
Rolled oats with walnuts, pecans, dried cherries, dried cranberries, vanilla and clover honey
Served with Greek Yogurt.
Fruit salad
Hickory smoked bacon
Roasted red skin potatoes
Chicken salad with smoked Gouda
Chopped chicken breast bound in a creamy mornay sauce with fresh basil, orange zest and sundried tomato
Served with sliced baguette and croissants
French toast sticks
 Served with real maple syrup and powdered sugar
Scrambled eggs
Served with shredded sharp cheddar cheese

$15 for adults.  $5 for children under 12 years of age.
Please register online by Noon, March 5, 2017.

Register Online

For more information contact Paul Dovey
phone: 317-842-2771

Indianapolis Sailing Club SOS (Start Out Sailing) Program

Program Structure
The SOS Program is designed for children ages 4 to 7 years old who are interested in learning the fundamentals of sailing including boat and water safety, parts of the boat, boat handling, and wind awareness.  This program will build confidence and sailing skills for children who have not yet reached the minimum age required for ISC Sailing Camp.  Participants will leave the program with the skills needed to excel as they graduate to camp at the appropriate age. 
The program will be conducted exclusively in ISC provided Prams.  The pram is designed to be both safe and durable, and the skills learned in a Pram are transferable to any other class of sailboat. As a one-person boat, Prams encourage self-reliance amongst sailors and provide a fun environment to learn and develop boating skills. Participants of this program will have a fun, safe, and instructive opportunity through which boating and life skills can be learned.
The SOS program will be conducted during four once-a-week classes during June and July.   Exact dates and times are still to be determined and will be announced in the March edition of the Mainsheet. 
Parents or a parent appointed “Buddy” are required to involve themselves in the program both on-land and on the water during each class.  Each Child’s Buddy either sets sail with the child in the Opti or accompanies the child from a safety boat which will be kept near at all times.  
While the program will be led by an experienced instructor, even if a “Buddy” is appointed for on water activities, parents of all boating abilities are required to attend and will be expected to aid in their child’s progression and to participate in the program by helping with launch and recovery of the Prams, rigging and ship shape (ensuring all items are properly cared for and stored at the end of each session).
For the first year of this program there will be no cost to participate, but attendance at all 4 sessions is required as we’ll be building upon the skills of each previous session.  Parents will be asked to pitch in so that treats and drinks can be provided for the kids at the end of each session. 
Space will be limited due to limited availability of equipment, but if interest is sufficient an additional set of sessions may be scheduled.  Please e-mail Matt Rush at or call 513-256-2198 if you are interested in the program.  I look forward to hearing from you and getting our little ones out on the water.  Suggestions on session scheduling are encouraged so we can find a time that works best for the maximum number of families.  Each session should run about 2 hours.


Class 1
  • Welcome and Introduction to the program
  • Water safety concepts
  • Equipment and grounds maintenance
  • Parts of the boat
  • Rigging and de-rigging the boat
  • Boat steering basics
  • Capsize avoidance and recovery
  • Application during which each child will be able to practice steering the boat and capsize recovery in a controlled fashion
  • Wind Awareness
  • Launching the boats
  • Docking
  • Collision avoidance
Class 2
  • Review of parts of the boat, rigging, and de-rigging the boat
  • Points of sail and sail trim
  • Being “in irons” (the NO GO Zone) and how to get out of irons
  • Safety position
  • Review of wind awareness
  • Introduction of Figure 8 course
  • Mark rounding
  • Application of Boat handling techniques (steering and controlling the sails) through Figure 8 course in harbor. 
Class 3
  • Review of points of sail and sail trim
  • Focus on point of sail of reach
  • Tacking and gybing
  • Introduction of Loop course
  • Powering and de-powering the boat
  • Application on Geist through follow-the-leader exercise, safety position drill, and Loop course 
Class 4
  • Focus on points of sail of close-hauled, reach, and run
  • Sailing upwind and downwind
  • Introduction of Square course
  • Application on Geist

Notes from your ISC Property Manager

I have a few points of interest and requests for all of us in the Club:

  1. Property identification: please clearly place your name on your boat trailer and/or the boat itself. This will greatly help me should I need to contact you with concerns with your property, like a tree falling on it (happened last spring), or, a storage cover being damaged or blown off in a storm (5 or 6 so far this winter), or, other physical damage (collapse of a trailer storage box this winter).
  2. Club Dumpster: is for Club use. Extra items brought in from outside the property potentially will cost you, the member, more money, if we have to have an additional off schedule pick-up made (twice this winter). A full dumpster can delay work being done by staff and volunteers to help clean-up and beautify our property. Please do not bring your home remodeling demolition materials (multiple times in the past year) or other large objects (one item filled the dumpster to 75% of capacity in late January) to the Club’s dumpster!
  3. Lights left turned on costs all of us $. If you are the last one out of the building, please turn off the lights inside! Four structures on our property have lighting. The clubhouse has the most occurrences.
  4. Clubhouse heating and cooling. Our new system, along with new windows, managed to save us approximately $100/month in 2016. Part of this savings comes from the use of programmed thermostats. We have a reasonably good idea as to what the temp should be when the building is scheduled for use, or, when we know there is a tendency for more members to be on the property using the building. If you are planning an activity for the clubhouse, but do not want to reserve it, please contact me to let me know your timeframe so that the system can be set for your comfort.

Thank you for your attention to these matters!

Paul Dovey, ISC Club Property Manager and member


Communications Corner

Calling all members with cameras!

This year we would like to set a goal to collect pictures at every club event, and we’d like your help. If you are at ISC with your camera, please take some great shots we can use in the Mainsheet, Welcome Aboard, and on the website. The best photos will be of your family and friends having fun at ISC. We can also use pretty pictures of our great grounds and facility. Wide shots, close-ups, group shots - whatever, let your imagination run wild!  I have set up a Google Drive Folder that members can upload their pictures too. If you have pictures you’d like to share, please contact me and I will link share the folder with you and provide a short set of instructions. For privacy reasons, we do not want to publish the folder access here online. 

ISC Twitter and Instagram accounts. @IndySailingClub

In April last year we set up a Twitter and Instagram account for ISC. Both were successful. The goal for both was to increase our visibility to the public, and try and reach sailors in our area not currently members. Posts on both are strictly publicity driven. Their intent is not to provide club to member communications.

On Twitter we posted 44 tweets promoting the club and reporting about club events. We picked up 34 followers in 2016. Our tweets generated more than 13 thousand impressions!  And, our Twitter profile with information about ISC and a link to our website was viewed almost 1900 times! We may not be as popular as Beyonce, but for the effort expended, that is pretty great numbers.

On Instagram I do not have the ability to gather analytics like on Twitter. On Instagram we only posted 25 times. We picked up 42 followers, and generated 340 likes. My feeling is that Instagram is performing as well as Twitter for us.

I’d like to really expand our exposure on both Twitter and Instagram. If you are on either, please take a moment and look us up @IndySailingClub. Follow us, and please post your pictures and video of the fun you are having at ISC. Just include us in your copy using our account tag. If you see other members post, be sure to give them a like, and add a comment when you can. The more you can interact with our followers, the better our engagement. High engagement expands our reach - a very good thing. 

Event Promotion

If you have a fleet event, or committee event scheduled at ISC, please let me know about it and we can help you promote it. It would be best if we can start planning the communications for your event 4 to 6 weeks ahead. That will let us coordinate and use all the tools at our disposal.

I am looking forward to making 2017 an even better year for club communications.

Bill Crawford
ISC Communications Chair, Webmaster.


Junior Sailing

Sailing Camp Registration

Remember to register for sailing camp now!  The sailing camp registration form for 2017 can now be found on the ISC website under the sailing camp tab.  Please click on the form to download and mail to the office.  Remember camp fills up quickly so get your registration forms in early.  Grandchildren are eligible for the member discount.  Hope to see all the kids on the water soon.

If you have questions about camp or would like to have a camp form emailed, please contact Michelle Sarber at or 317-335-7385.  

Providing that New Age Fun Alternative
Originally from Scuttlebutt
With about 8,000 O’pen BICs out there, this snazzy youth singlehander has been providing an alternative since its launch 10 years ago. Scuttlebutt editor Craig Leweck checks in with brand promoter Nevin Sayre for an update.

Give us a State of the Union on class activity.
There are now 150 sailing programs in North America with O’pen BICs. More and more sailing programs are successfully adding alternative exciting pathways to stoke youth passion for sailing. Let’s face it, not every kid finds their love in conventional racing or in boats designed more than 50 years ago. Many tap out, but the good news is programs that offer new age fun alternatives are seeing their numbers grow and attrition rates decline. The O’Pen BIC has proven to be the perfect platform for this success.

With regard to growth, is the upcoming North Americans a good reflection?
We are anticipating 80 O’pen BICs at the upcoming 2017 North Americans on March 17-19in Sarasota, Florida. Last year there were 45. There are also about 50% more O’pen BIC events in 2017 than 2015. We’re liking these barometer readings.

The NAs has an extra carrot attached. Explain what lies ahead in Bermuda.
It’s super cool. Thirty-two extremely fortunate O’pen BIC sailors are being selected world-wide for a trip to the America’s Cup Finals in Bermuda, and to sail in the America’s Cup Endeavour O’penJune 15-18. This event for O’pen BICs is the Half Time Show between Race #1 and Race #2 of the AC Finals, and will be broadcast on television worldwide.

At the North Americans in Sarasota, the top six overall (male or female) and the top two female sailors outside the top six will be selected for Bermuda. On top of that, a ninth spot will be randomly selected from the top 30 who have not already been selected (a 1 in 22 shot). For these kids, lodging, entry fee, charter boat, and meals in Bermuda are being provided. I’m pretty confident this will be a mind blower. Check out

What is it about the class that has led the America’s Cup to give it such a prominent stage?
Event CEO Russell Coutts personally, along with many other sailing legends, recognize that we need to make sailing cool and modern to inspire new generations, and as a result they have become strong supporters of the O’pen BIC movement.

I tip my hat to Russell who went to New Zealand, giving up his own time to coach at three O’pen BIC events.
Russell saw the success of the O’pen BIC Hi-Wind Slalom held at the 2013 Louis Vuitton Cup Challenger Finals. Soon after Bermuda was selected for 2017, Russell was making sure the O’pen BIC would be a big part of the AC Finals, and also the highly successful grass roots Endeavour Community Sailing Program set up in Bermuda.
It only makes sense to showcase new age junior sailing at the premier cutting edge event - the America’s Cup. You have the O’pen BICs, the Red Bull Foiling Generation, the Youth America's Cup, and then the America’s Cup. It’s a cool new world for kids to aspire to.


Sailing and dock repair in January

Photos from January 21, courtesy of Bryan Sarber and Bob Herdrich.