Commodore's Comments

Greetings and Happy Holidays from your Commodore. As I arrived at ISC over Thanksgiving weekend for one more sail, I saw a few others doing the same thing and others winterizing their boats. It appears there are a few of you still holding out for one more day of sailing. I hope to join you.

Over the next several months, there will be several opportunities to get together to talk a little sailing.  Next weekend is the ISC Christmas Dinner Dance at the Columbia Club.  I look forward to seeing you downtown, with all the lights, for this event Saturday, December 10th. The next day (11th) the Parents Committee has invited Santa Clause to visit ISC.

December 12th is the next Board of Directors Meeting. As always, you are welcome to come and observe your elected representatives in action.  As a reminder, next year’s elections are just around the corner, so it is not too early to begin thinking about using your leadership skills to serve as a member of the ISC Board in 2017. 

Speaking of leading, at the November Board of Director’s Meeting, the Board nominated Chris Katzfey to be the next Commodore, Eric Guion to be the next Vice-Commodore, Jess Lawhead to be the next Secretary and Steve Stuckey to be the next Treasurer. Next time you see them be sure to congratulate them and thank them in advance for all the hours it takes to fulfill these volunteer roles.

At the February Commodore Dinner Dance, I would like to recognize the Most Improved Senior and Junior Sailors. Therefore, if anyone has a nomination, please send it to me ( along with an explanation why they should receive this honor.

As always, I look forward to seeing you at your Indianapolis Sailing Club.

Don Wilson

Photo credit: Paul Dovey

Strictly Sail Bus Trip to Chicago (January 14, 2017)

It is hard to imagine that the Strictly Sail show is upon us again.  Come join your ISC friends and ride the bus to McCormick Place for an enjoyable day at the show.  The date this year is Saturday, January 14, 2017.

We will depart ISC at 6:00 AM and travel to Chicago's McCormick Place.  Our departure time from Chicago is 6:00 PM and we will stop at Portillo's in Merriville for dinner on the way back.  Arrival back to ISC is between 10:00 and 11:00 PM.  We will be traveling on a chartered motor coach from Indianapolis to Chicago and back.

Please complete the form and send with payment as soon as possible to the address below.  If we do not get a sufficient number of people, I will return your check.  Once the bus is committed, all payments are not refundable. Payment must be received by 12/28/2016.


NAME: _________________________________________________
TEL:                                    CELL PHONE: __________________                                                             
ADDRESS: ______________________________________________
CITY:                                              STATE:           ZIP:  ________  
NUMBER PASSENGERS:           x $50.00       TOTAL: __________

MAIL COMPLETED FORMS WITH PAYMENT TO: Chris Palabrica, 5917 Buckskin Ct. Carmel, IN 46033

For more information, please contact Chris Palabrica (


North U Rules and Tactics Seminar (January 28, 2017)


2017 Training Schedule

The following classes are free classes and will be held in the ISC clubhouse.  So, mark your calendar!

Date/Time         Class Topic
1/21 (9a - 12p) Racing for Dummies Basics of racing and gives you confidence to do so
2/25 (9a - 12p) Useful Knots Learn how to tie those need to know sailing knots
3/4 (10a - 12p) How to Repair a Wet Deck Learn how to fix those cracks and soft spots
3/18 (9a - 12p) Basic Racing Tactics Learn how to beat your fellow fleet members
3/26 (12 - 2p) How to Race on a J/24 Learn the roles of each crew on a J/24 and their importance
5/6 (10a) Racing for Dummies: Part II This class takes place on the water to practice starts, etc.

The following are paid events:

Date Event Details
January 15th Strictly Sails Bus Trip to Chicago Elsewhere in this issue
January 28th North U 2017 Racing Rules/Tactics Elsewhere in this issue
March 11th US Sailing – Race Officer Training US Sailing website (*)
(*) - The US Sailing website is currently incorrect: the training will take place at ISC and not ECSC.

I am looking forward to getting more people on the water next year.  Let me know if you want me to set up another class other than what is listed about.  I want to get you on the water so let me know how I can help you.  Please contact me at

Looking forward to the 2017 racing season,
Marcus Rogers
Hoosier Challenge Cup

The Highlander class many years ago had a Hoosier Challenge cup. It was created by Tim Hollingsworth at Eagle Creek Sailing Club and Tom Kling at ISC.  It was a cup that named an overall club as winner, and a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for individual boats. It also used existing regattas and was intended to promote travel between clubs. It only succeeded because both clubs had boats that traveled to the other club for each other’s regattas.  The communication was there so that both clubs didn’t have conflicting schedules.  In the day, this was a very successful venture.   Now, we do the same thing but we use the J/24. 

In the first year of the J/24 Hoosier Cup Championship, Eagle Creek won both awards.   They took the cup for the individual and for the Club Championship.  Eagle Creek was able to put together better crews for these regattas and they traveled better than ISC.  So, hopefully in 2017, we can bring both of those cups back to ISC by having more participation from our ISC members.
Adam Ondrejack was able to compete in all four regattas.  For the Mayor’s Cup, he had a crew that consisted of mostly Snipe Sailors.  For the Governor’s Cup, he had crew which were mostly Thistle sailors.   The Thistle sailors were able to get Adam in the top three in several races.  Do you think your fleet would be able to put together a competitive boat in 2017?  Let the bragging rights begin and put your best effort forward. 
For 2017, there will be four regatta’s in which these clubs will be competing: the Mayor’s Cup (May 20/21 at ECSC), the Geist Guzzler (June 10/11 at ISC),  the Governor’s Cup (Sept 16-17 at ECSC), and the Keelover (Sept 30/Oct. 1 at ISC)
In order for ISC to be competitive against Eagle Creek, we need to have at least three competitive boats that will travel andl be available for all of these above dates.   The issue is not having access to a boat, but having a good crew of five to sail these boats. (ISC has 10 J/24s and not all of them get used in each regatta.)  If you would like to help ISC by crewing or would like to use a J/24 with your own crew, please let me know.   ISC has plenty of good sailors, they just don’t race anymore.   ISC NEEDS YOU!!!!!  So, contact me at if you can and will help us next year.  
Find yourself a J/24 and come compete for the CUP in 2017!!!  Let’s see if ISC can get some  of it’s swagger back.
Marcus Rogers