Sunfish Line Drawing

Join the largest class and most user friendly sailboat in the world, the Sunfish. The ISC owns 4 Sunfish sailboats that can be used by qualified members. They are on dollies, easy to rig and launch, and with the lateen sail and no boomvang, can be sailed by one or two people. The Sunfish will race in the mornings that the Lasers and Snipes are scheduled and possibly on other vacant mornings to be announced by our phone message system. The Sunfish can be sailed by lighter men, ladies or young sailors, and still be sailed in strong winds. The Sunfish competes in the Pan-Am games along with the Laser, Snipe and Lightning. Only International classes are selected for the Games and the competition is of Olympic caliber. Join the fun and try out an ISC Sunfish.


Sunfish Sailing at ISC
2008 Sunfish Fleet Contact
Name Phone Email
Buzz Levinson (317) 253-2710